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Condominiums: The First Choice in Home Ownership


When it comes to high-value and developed neighborhoods, single-family home ownership can be prohibitively expensive, especially where building space is scarce. In such places, the best “bang-for-the-buck” particularly for new home buyers, comes in the form of condominiums. Condominiums open the door of home ownership to those who want to live in a nice and developed neighborhood but are not quite ready to commit to a single-family home. If  you are looking to own a home in a Calgary suburb or inner-city location, but can’t quite afford to live in a house, a condo is a great way to get started on your journey. Along with owning a condo, there come a number of benefits that surface – even when you’re ready to upgrade to something larger!

Ownership Instead of Renting

Make your home – your own and have control over customizing your living space. Condo ownership brings along with it many benefits. Such benefits include the continuous increase in the value of your property outside of the age of your neighborhood. Unlike a traditional home, condominiums have the added benefit of increasing in value not only due to the increased desirability of the building, but also due to the consistent improvements paid for by the condo corporation.





Everything is Taken Care Of

It’s been long established that a condo provides a wealth of offerings which streamline your living. Things such as heat, insurance, janitorial service for the common area, landscaping, professional management, and water/sewer are included in the condo fees. Some units even include pre-paid utilities such as internet and television. There’s no need to shovel snow, trim the bushes or mow the lawn, a condo allows you to enjoy the important things in life, without being bogged down by chores.


Amenities All-Round

Condo ownership comes with its set of perks that are unavailable to most traditional homeowners. No more snow plowing, gardening, or landscaping need be done! In addition to heated underground parking: condos are generally located close to schools, shopping centers, walking paths, fine dining, and more! The right condo in the right location gives you the opportunity to do more and worry less!



Perfect Fit for Small Families

A family with their first child can comfortably live in a condo without feeling confined. Many condos include 2 bedrooms and even 2 bathrooms which provide great benefits in terms of comfort and privacy. In addition to being safer in a condo, many multi-families are placed close to schools and shopping making travel much easier for Calgarians looking for a more simple, hassle-free life.




In addition to having your front door safely behind a locked entrance, condos have the added security of having a close-knit community within your building. Being part of condo associations gives you the unique benefit of getting to know your neighbors in the long-term and better ensuring no unfamiliar face has access to your building.


Post-Ownership Opportunities

If you are ready to upgrade to a more traditional home, or you’d just like to move elsewhere, your condo can become an investment property rather than a home to sell. Many condo owners choose to rent their condos out and create a recurring income (or mortgage payoff) by allowing a new tenant to either rent and make their mortgage payments for them, or rent indefinitely creating a potential source of income for your family.